Who Is and Isn't Investing In Cryptocurrency?

Who Is and Isn't Investing In Cryptocurrency?

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SEC: There's a New Sheriff in Crypto-Town

The SEC has been active in their goal to understand and begin regulation the growing digital currency and ICO market. The explosion of ICO's over the past year has been described as the 'wild west', in that there is little to regulate the often lofty promises offered by companies issuing said ICO's. Recognizing ...

Ledger Introduces a New Bluetooth-enabled Hardware Wallet

Ledger's new Nano X offers Bluetooth connectivity, as well as cutting-edge security. ...

60% of Square Merchants Polled Willing to Accept Bitcoin

A recent survey suggests that business are ready to accept Bitcoin as payment. Nomura Instinet has a released the results of a survey, in which about 100 businesses currently using Square Inc's payment technology, were surveyed about accepting Bitcoin as payment over USD. It may come as a surprise to some (Nomura Instinet analyst ...

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