Where Can I Spend My Bitcoin?

Where Can I Spend My Bitcoin?

Alright, you have your Bitcoin and you want to use them. So where can one go to easily spend these Bitcoin? Well, now there are lots of retailers and servicers who make paying with Bitcoin the cheapest and most simple payment method on the planet. Check out our list of links with descriptions below, and we'll keep this list up-to-date and keep adding to it.

Online Retail

  1. Overstock.com - We all know this site, where you can buy pretty much anything under the sun. They've been accepting Bitcoin since 2014!
  2. Gyft.com - a mega-mall for gift cards. This opens up a whole new world of places you can pay with Bitcoin.
  3. eGifter.com - ditto
  4. CoinCards.ca - like the 2 others on the list, yet somehow you can still use Bitcoin to purchase Amazon.com cards here :o
  5. newegg.com - A computer and tech retail site, well known for selection and low prices.
  6. belovedshirts.com - A retail site with funky and trendy clothing for all ages. (Staff Favorite)
  7. shopify.com - Helps set up online retail spaces for small companies.
  8. strappingfellow.com - sells high-quality leather watch bands: made in the USA
  9. Tortuga backpacks - High-end city and travel backpacks. Accepts Bitcoin only through BitPay
  10. Microsoft - Now allows you to add Bitcoin to your Microsoft funding account. Can only be redeemed for online goods like Xbox games, or movies and apps.
  11. Enclave - Retailer of stylish, yet budget-friendly, watches and glasses.
  12. Reeds Jewelers - High-end jewelry. Shop online or at many locations around the eastern U.S.
  13. Bitgear - No surprise that an online retailer specializing in Bitcoin-related clothing and accessories accepts Bitcoin.
  14. Bees Brothers - Small family beekeeping company. Specializing in honey and beeswax products and gifts.
  15. purse.io - This is novel! Allows users to shop for goods via Amazon, at a discounted rate! You make an order, and another user then sells his/her Amazon credits for Bitcoin. You set your own discount, the greater the discount you seek, the greater the wait time for your product.
  16. CryptoPet.com - large selection of pet products, and accepts multiple digital currencies.
  17. Aloha Tuners - Makers of cute animal-shaped tuners for stringed instruments.
  18. GhostBed.com - Produce mattresses and sleep-related products, and proudly accept Bitcoin.
  19. CJS-CDKEYS - Wow, that's a mouthful. Digital distributor of digital games, movies and media. Accepts multiple digital currencies.
  20. CryptoAsylum.com - Sells all kinds of security products for your digital currencies. Accepts multiple digital currencies.
  21. CryptoArt.com - This is truly unique. Not only is it art, but it acts as cold storage for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Naturally, they accept multiple digital currencies. (Wow List)
  22. Etsy.com - Ok, so Etsy as a company doesn't accept Bitcoin, but many of the merchants on Etsy do.
  23. Fancy.com - All kinds of random things you can purchase here, even things you didn't know existed. (Staff Favorite)
  24. Fierce EdgeBadassery! Very interesting designs for athletic compression clothing for combat sports and others. Accepts various digital currencies.
  25. GeoRarities.com - Super neato minerals, fossils meteorites, art and the like. Purchase the past using the future, Bitcoin.
  26. Nothing Fishy - A fish-free, vegan option to get your daily dose of Omega-3.
  27. Posterburner - Every wanted a poster of you, in all your glory on the wall, or even wrapped on your car? Well, you can do that here
  28. Swagnets - Funky little magnets Swagnets for your MacBook, and no they won't harm your computer.
  29. Tenacious Toys - Want to be the king of cool desk toys, this is where you want to shop. Tons of really unique toys and figures, and Bitcoin is accepted.
  30. Trick Mugs - Very stylin' heat-activated color changing mugs. They even have the Bitcoin Rollercoaster Guy mug, I'm going to need that one.
  31. Zen Magnets - Do you wish you were more attractive, then get some of that magnetism, son! Lots of cool magnetry here.
  32. Zynga - Gaming giant, we know you know the logo.
  33. The Plume Room - If you're a vaper (one who vapes instead of smoking), then check this place out. It came highly recommended from even no-coiners. Yes, they accept Bitcoin!
  34. ejuices.com - You can buy all things for your vaping needs here, and pay in Bitcoin!


  1. Give Track - It's similar to kickstarter or indygogo, but instead of crowd-funding a project, it's for crowdfunding a charitable cause.
  2. BitGive - Organization to help you donate your Bitcoin to charities around the world.
  3. Pathways to Education - The goal is to break poverty cycles by providing a resources and a support network through education.
  4. Save the Children - Long-time charity organization providing help to children in need, around the world. Accepts Bitcoin donations through BitPay only (if you don't have a BitPay supported wallet, click here to use our BIP70 Buster, which will allow you to pay a BitPay request from ANY wallet).


  1. Arrowhead Beef - Pasture-raised and grass-fed beef products from a farm in Florida.
  2. PizzaForCoins.com - As it sounds, you pay them, they get your pizza. Functioning nationally, they also accept over 50 different digital currencies!
  3. Pexpeppers.com - Producer of various all-natural hot sauces. Accepts multiple digital currencies.
  4. Subway - Ok, so the company does not officially accept Bitcoin, but some franchise locations, spread globally, do. Check here for locations.


  1. Square - Using Square's cash app, you can add USD and BItcoin and use them interchangably through the app or Cash Card. We love you Jack Dorsey
  2. Dish Network - We all know 'the dish'. A satellite television provider.
  3. PayByCoin - Parent company Intuit offers this as an add-on payment-processing option for users of their very popular, QuickBooks.
  4. AirVPN - Provides VPN services using over 200 servers worldwide.
  5. Badoo - International social networking giant.
  6. Fetch Portraits - In the Chicago area only. Specialized in dog photography and works with local shelters to help find dogs a new home.
  7. Name Cheap - Buy your next domain name here, pay with Bitcoin.
  8. Script Care - You can pay for certain Rx medications online with Bitcoin through this company.


  1. CheapAir.com - CheapAir has been a pioneer for travel companies when it comes to Bitcoin. From flights, to car rental to hotels, they accept Bitcoin for all. (Staff favorite)
  2. abitsky.com - A Lithuanian travel site. Offers flights and hotels, but mainly limited to Europe.
  3. AirBaltic.com - Similar to abitsky.com, and has been accepting Bitcoin since 2014!
  4. BTCtrip.com - Book flights anywhere. Also accepts other digital currencies.


  1. Classic Recreations - If you love old custom Ford Mustangs, check it out; if not, then don't bother, because it's all Mustangs, baby! Very nice looking restorations of some very classic Mustangs.

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