Waste Not, Want Not: Crypto Company Grows Produce From Heat Byproduct


Not all advancements relating to the world of cryptocurrencies needs to come in the form of improved technology, adoption and market share. Sometimes things are more simple, and offer an advantage to other sectors than just cryptology and tech, like the agricultural industry.

Kamil Brejcha, co-founder of Nakamoto X, Tweeted a photo of a wall of tomatoes growing in a greenhouse, referring to them as “cryptomatoes”.

Using what he dubs as a “Cointainer”, located in the basement of their mining facility, excess heat from the machines is blown into a greenhouse, which is currently growing tomatoes. Though originally hoped to be used to grow marijuana, Brejcha stated this:

Additionally, Brejcha states, “Well, we are also producing our own energy. The mining operations are powered by 100% bio-waste produced energy. So basically we have closed the energy cycle loop:-)” While we would all love to see more on how they’re setting this up, and what they have in plans for the future, Brejcha claims that “…We are in stealth mode atm. Our Agritechture blockchain startup is going to be introduced soon:-)…”, he assures for the website and further information to be revealed soon. While this first batch is ready to be harvested, one can assume that this is just the beginning of finding ways to greater utilize the byproducts of mining for cryptocurrencies. Well done Nakamoto X, we can’t wait to see what future developments you have in store.

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