Warning Issued: Trezor Model T

Warning Issued: Trezor Model T
The Trezor company has been a leader in personal cold-storage wallets for cryptocurrencies. Cold-storage wallets are ideal to keep your cryptocurrency holdings safe by storing them offline and on a physical drive. Trezor recently made an update to its lineup in February, offering the new Trezor Model T, which we reviewed and explained in a video, last month. Today, Trezor released an email to Model T owners warning of an issue with the included recovery seed card, with which was intended to be a simple way to safely store your recovery seed words, which are used to identify/verify your wallet. However, there has been an issue with the materials of which the card is comprised, and Trezor is recommending that Model T owners write their seed words on a different physical document, as the provided seed card is susceptible to water damage. Below is a copy of the warning message from Trezor:

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