Trezor: Now Allows Users to do a Dry-run Recovery

Trezor: Now Allows Users to do a Dry-run Recovery
Trezor cold-storage wallets have been a popular choice among virtual currency holders for keeping their coins securely stored, offline. Their cold-storage wallet is secured by the use of a unique 12 or 24 'word recovery seed'. Your seed words are randomly selected words which represent your wallet's private key. These words are to be written down, and not stored digitally, as having access to these words would allow full access to your Bitcoin wallet, and anything held in that wallet. Most Trezor users will do this, then store those words securely and are unlikely to need to access them again anytime soon. However, Trezor believes that due to the sensitivity of correctly writing down these seed words, and in the correct order, may weigh heavy in the minds of their more concerned users. Trezor has added a new feature which allows users to check that their seed words were documented correctly. Users can now go into their device settings, then going into Advanced > Check recovery seed Next, the user enters the seed words they've written down, and the device will tell you if you have input the correct information. This used to be possible through command line interface, but thanks to user requests, is now available on the wallet's more broadly approachable interface. In other terms, "check recovery seed" is another name for a dry-run recovery, in which you're not recovering an actual wallet, just giving yourself some piece of mind knowing that you have correct words in the event that you would need to recover your wallet. Trezor states that when beginning this verification process, you're telling the Trezor device that you don't want it to remember the recovery seed words; instead you're asking the device to compare the seed it has saved in its storage, with the recovery words you've input. If everything matches up accordingly, the device lets you know that your backup is correct. If the seed words do not match up, the wallet will show you this error warning:
The warnings shown on the device during this process are related to a full recovery. If you are running dry-run, you can ignore the warnings related to the recovery process.
Note that the dry-run is precisely the same as the normal recovery process. You can use the standard shuffled entry on the computer, or use the advanced recovery. TREZOR Model T users will enter the seed words on the device display.
If you indeed get this error message, Trezor advises you to move ALL COINS from the Trezor device, to a newly generated wallet with new seed words. First the coins must be moved to a different wallet NOT on the Trezor device, "wipe" the Trezor, setup the newly generated wallet and record the new seed words. Using the same process to "check recovery seed", verify that you have written down the words correctly. You can then move your coins back to your Trezor device, and sleep tight knowing that you've correctly stored your recovery information, and you coins have a nice safe place to incubate. To see Trezor's official announcement, and more advanced recovery options for Trezor One users, please click the link here.

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