This is a story

This is a story

All about how

My life got twisted


The king!


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Trezor: Now Allows Users to do a Dry-run Recovery

Trezor cold-storage wallets have been a popular choice among virtual currency holders for keeping their coins securely stored, offline. Their cold-storage wallet is secured by the use of a unique 12 or 24 'word recovery seed'. Your seed words are randomly selected words which represent your wallet's private key. These words are ...

Bitmain IPO and the end of BCash?


UPbit Investigation May be Cause of Recent Dip Below $9k

Reports from South Korea's Chosun, explain that an investigation is underway at South Korea's largets cryptocurrency exchange, UPbit. Both yesterday and this morning, South Korea's Financial Supervisory Service, dispatched 10 investigators to UPbit's head office in Seoul. Agents are investigating the exchange on the count of deceptive practices, aimed at their ...

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