This is a story

This is a story

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My life got twisted


The king!


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This Week in Bitcoin - December 14th, 2018


BUIDL: Venture Capital Funding into Crypto Companies Growing Exponentially

While ICOs have raised an estimated $11B in 2018 alone, we wanted to highlight the investments into teams, companies and technologies as opposed to in tokens which may or may not have any actual utility or value. This should be an encouraging reminder that amidst the FUD and noise, real projects are getting funded regularly.   ...

BREAKING: VISA Credit and Debit Payments Down Across UK and Europe

A good argument against centralized payment systems is showing itself right now in the UK and other parts of Europe. Referred to as causing "chaos", reports have been flooding in across Europe as customers have been unable to use their VISA credit and debit cards at retail locations and gas stations. Visa has confirmed the ...

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