Donate to Protect the Rainforest with Bitcoin

Donate to Protect the Rainforest with Bitcoin

This is really meant to be just a brief PSA. We want to remind everyone how serious the issue of wildfires burning up large swaths of the Amazon's rainforest really is. This is not a political issue, and it doesn't matter what your thoughts are about human involvement of the warming of our planet. Remove the aspect of human-impact from the serious issues our planet is seeing with a rising climate because its effects will cause serious issues for our generations to come, and we need fight against it. If it were an asteroid headed towards Earth, we would not argue about who caused the asteroid's collision course with Earth, we would work together to stop the impending doom, for the sake of our planet. This is how we should be thinking about catastrophic changes occuring in our environment.

  • The Amazon rainforests produce some 20% of the Earth's oxygen.
  • It is estimated that over 2,500 fires are raging through the rainforests of Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia and Peru.  
  • Fires in the Amazon are not uncommon, however the amount of Amazon forest fires are up 85% since 2018.

Donate, and use Bitcoin to do it

The main idea here is that donations can help fight against such catastrophes, and Bitcoin is a widely accepted means to do so. You may donate to this cause directly on sites like, or you can donate Bitcoin to various charitable causes at places like BitGive, or GiveTrack. It's great to hodl your Bitcoin, but don't hesitate to use it to give to a cause you truly care about. 

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