Coinbase Back on Google Ads

Coinbase Back on Google Ads
Coinbase was whitelisted by Google, allowing the U.S.'s largest exchange to now reach a massive audience. Following Facebook and Twitter, Google began banning any ads related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in June. Many suggest that the banning of crypto-related ads from these large outlets was to prevent the over proliferation of potential scam ICOs, which exploded onto the scene following the meteoric rise of Bitcoin at the end of 2017. Now that much of the dust has settled, bad actors have been shaken off, and regulation is helping to secure the cryptocurrency arena, bans are lifting. Facebook first announce that they would loosen bans on cryptocurrency-related ads after first passing a pre-approval process. Similarly, Google requires the advertising company to be licensed by a financial authority belonging to their country of origin. Searches for terms like Bitcoin have gone down significantly, but as more crypto-based entities get approval, we can expect that it will likely have a positive effect on the market.

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